Wellness & Beauty Expo 2018

Barbara Cox is a highly regarded nutritionist, health article author and businesswoman. She became passionate about the importance of eating healthily during a nine-year stay in Japan, a country renowned for its low levels of obesity, cancer and heart disease. On her return to the UK, Barbara founded Nutrichef, a company that produces high quality healthy meals and delivers them to customers’ homes. Through her consultations with Nutrichef customers across the UK, Barbara advises people with a range of concerns, including people wishing to lose weight, athletes training for sports events or people who simply want to know what it means to eat healthily. In 2008 Barbara was awarded the National Title of Entrepreneur of the Year by the British Chambers of Commerce. She is a former Canadian national junior skating champion, a contributor to the book Fit for Motorsport, Kitchen Table Tycoon and the nutrition chapters in Teach yourself Aromatherapy. Launched ‘Rainbow Recipes’ cookbook and continues to educate and inspire on healthy eating and entrepreneurship. In Barbara’s spare time, she is an Ambassador for the Pan African Heart Foundation and a keen charity fund-raiser who trekked 100 miles across the Sahara Desert for Help for Heroes. In 2013 Barbara partnered with Super Vitality as Nutritional Director and is responsible for product research and development of protein powders and sports supplements. In March 2015, Barbara sold Nutrichef in a 2 year buy out. She is now the author of her first cookbook Rainbow Recipes and she is a consultant and investor in start-ups. In November 2016, Barbara won the Venus award for Lifetime Achievement for her work with the health and wellbeing industry.

Wellness Beauty Expo Bournemouth

Founder of “5 Flavours of Health”, translator of “Philosophy of Health” and “Philosophy of Life”, Patron in Chief of Supporting Lives Trust, international speaker, mentor, property investor, entrepreneur, wife and mother of 2 boys. 5 Flavours of Health is a global initiative to encourage people and guide them to a better choices. Based on personal experiences I have created the Project to help people to become healthier.
My message is to start listening to ourselves more.  After years of fascination with vitamins and antibiotics, it is time to go back to Nature and respect its laws and rules. They have an impact on everyone, at all times and in every corner of the Earth whether one is aware of it or not. Our aim is to help you to prevent from 21st century health problems such as: allergies, asthma, obesity, depression and many more.

Deliberately creating her reality. Living on her terms. She has developed self discipline to stick to her own desires and liking. Sharp, strong but full of empathy and openness. Naturally inspires others by being an example for women around the world.

Wellness & Beauty Expo 2018

Leading operating doctor in Warsaw branch of Miracolo Clinic specializing in endometriosis. M.D. from Medical University Poznań, Poland, Ph.D. with distinction in obstetrics and transplantation field from Medical University in Warsaw

Many years’ experience with endometriosis treatment in his patients. Specializing in minimal invasive methods of operations such as laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. One of the very few doctors in Poland familiar with use of plasma knife in gynecological procedures. 

While he is not standing beside operating table, he’s working on social awareness of endometriosis with other members from ‘Miracolo Clinic’

“Sign up for free consultation”.

You can reach Dr Songin at email tomasz.songin@miracolo.clinic or look for information at www.miracolo.clinic

Consultant General and Vascular Surgeon

Mr Simon Payne is a Consultant Vascular Surgeon of over 20 years with a particular interest in venous disease (ranging from thread vein treatment through to managing venous ulcers). A board member of BAS (British Association of Sclerotherapists) and one of nine venous specialists on Spire Healthcare’s national advisory panel for reviewing new varicose vein treatment. Mr Payne qualified in 1986 and trained in Oxford, Leicester, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Sydney, Australia before returning to his home on the South Coast as Consultant Surgeon.

Simon will present a short talk covering what normal veins do, how varicose veins form and how varicose veins can be treated. His aim is to allow you to understand better the many techniques that are offered today to help you, if you suffer with varicose veins. 

He will also be able to show some of the audience how their own veins are functioning by demonstrating colour duplex ultrasound scanning. This is similar to a “baby scan” and shows you and your Surgeon how blood flows in your own veins, thus enabling you to choose bespoke treatment which is truly individualised to your personal needs.

Wellness & Beauty Expo

Dr Rayhaneh Zahedi

Medical, Dermatology & Skin Surgery Specialty Doctor, Medical Director of Quality Health Care Ltd & Clinical Lead for Community Dermatology

Dr Rayhaneh Zahedi qualified from Guy’s, King’s & St Thomas’ Hospitals, London in 2002.  Educational and Clinical Supervisor to junior doctors in their final years of training, as well as medical students within the South West Region. Has extensive experience in Skin Surgery & Aesthetic/Cosmetic Treatments.
Passionate about teaching people how to prevent & detect skin cancers, the dangers of sunburn, excessive tanning & sun beds & highlighting the worrying features to look out for in moles.
Author of numerous publications including papers in the European Journal of Internal Medicine, Annals of Thoracic Surgery & Annals of Clinical Biochemistry.
Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, Royal Society of Medicine, Royal Society of Obstetrics & Gynaecology (FSRH), Aesthetic Complications Expert (ACE) Group, Primary Care Dermatology Society & Wessex GP Educational Trust.
You can reach Dr Zahedi at email info@qualityhealthcareltd.com or look for information at www.qualityhealthcareltd.com
Wellness & Beauty Expo 2018

Dr Nermina Selimovic

Medical Practitioner with special interests in Family Medicine & Aesthetics
Doctor at Quality Health Care Ltd

Dr Nermina Selimovic qualified from University of Sarajevo in 1984. She was educated and trained in Europe.
Working as a Medical Practitioner with special interests in Family Medicine, Paediatrics, Women’s Health and Aesthetic Medicine.
Extensive experience in non-surgical treatment of dermatological conditions related to ageing & scarring.
GP Principal in a Practice in Bournemouth. Clinical Supervisor to junior doctors in their training.
You can reach Dr Selimovic at email info@qualityhealthcareltd.com or look for information at www.qualityhealthcareltd.com

Melissa Boyle is an author and journalist based in Bournemouth. She has suffered from OCD since childhood, and has also struggled with emetophobia and anxiety. It wasn’t until her 20s that she actively sought help, and embarked on a long journey of counselling and medication. In 2015, she started her blog, Geek Magnifique, which gradually evolved into a place where she shared her experiences, in the hope of helping others who might also be struggling. Her book, Geek Magnifique: Finding the logic in my OCD, comes out in December.

Pre-order Geek Magnifique: Finding the logic in my OCD,now!

Introducing Alex Saxton – our very own Dorset based Clinical Hypnotherapist – who uses the power of hypnosis to regularly improve her client’s physical and mental well-being.  Whether you want to lose weight, reduce stress, improve your quality of sleep, eradicate a bad habit or overcome a phobia – hypnotherapy can help you achieve this and much more in a very short period of time. With over 12 years experience, Alex runs a successful hypnotherapy practise in Wimborne, Dorset, and at The Chewton Glen Spa. Alex also works in-house at corporate offices providing hypnotherapy for their employees. Alex enjoys helping her clients address a variety of issues but she has a particular passion for helping people to reduce anxiety, release worries, improve sleep and lose weight too. Being in hypnosis is one of the deepest forms of mental relaxation you can achieve and feels truly amazing, so if you are suffering from anxiety, too much worrying, have trouble sleeping or just simply curious – please come visit Alex to find out more about the health benefits of hypnosis for yourself.  


At the Wellness & Beauty Expo Alex Saxton will be running one of her popular Relax & Release Worries Group Hypnosis Sessions where you will get a chance to experience first hand the health benefits of hypnosis and leave feeling mentally relaxed and worry free too. Following this group hypnosis session Alex will give a short talk exploring the origins of hypnosis and explain how you can use this relaxing therapy to reach your goals and improve your health too. More and more studies are showing that hypnosis can help ease every day stress and anxiety, as well as promote powerful healing, from our worst habits to our deepest fears.You’ll learn how the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis will allow you to access old patterns of behaviour in order to transform them once and for all, not one to be missed!




Lisa Niemier

Lisa been working in the Aesthetic industry for 10 years, opened own Clinic in Winton, Bournemouth called ‘Clinic Visjeune’.
Mother of 3 wonderful children.
She is passionate about making all others feel the best they can be and boosting their confidence.
Lisa is an leader for (BACN) British Association of Cosmetic Nurses for the South West area, regularly speak at many other events across the UK, promoting safe practice in this industry!

Olly Leicester is a health coach.  Based in Southbourne, Olly’s been health coaching for almost a year, and he loves the positive impact that coaching can make in people’s health and wellbeing.  He coaches people one-to-one: bringing empathy, support and accountability into a 12 week course that slowly changes people’s daily habits.    


Olly specialises in coaching middle-aged women who are feeling a lack of positive energy or vibrancy in their lives…  He sees people as they are – without any negative judgements…then helps them improve their health, confidence, self-compassion and wellbeing with small, manageable steps.  Weight-loss is often a bi-product of adopting these new habits and mindsets.    (and restrictive dieting is not part of the program)!  Little changes, over time, make massive differences. 


You can reach Olly at healthcoacholly@gmail.com