The Wellness & Beauty Expo is coming to Devon to Encourage, Empower and Inspire societies to make actions on healthy lifestyle habits and feel beautiful today!

WELLNESS & BEAUTY EXPO Plymouth will take place on 28th April 2019 at The Duke of Cornwall Hotel.

We would like to invite to the collaboration creative brand owners, passionate professionals from health, wellness, beauty and medical industry to inspire and share knowledge with societies from Devon and Cornwall area.

Everybody should have chance to research about latest beauty treatments and health lifestyle habits to keep looking great and feel beautiful ♥  Look forward to see you in Plymouth!



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Sum Sanos

Sum Sanos™ is a scientifically-based program designed to help clients achieve long-term weight loss success and wellness. Sum Sanos™ is backed by solid scientific proof and is the latest scientific breakthrough in achieving lifelong transformation. Sum Sanos™ is based on the most recent evidence that Interventions Based on Habit Theory are a reliable way to help people achieve long term weight loss and wellness outcomes. Whilst the program is principally focused on successful weight management, anyone embracing the methodologies within Sum Sanos™ can transfer the new knowledge to other areas of their lives, including but not limited to: general wellbeing, fitness, healthy lifestyle, confidence, smoking cessation, self-care, productivity… the possibilities are endless.

Salco au Naturel

We believe that we have something different and very special to propose. The purpose of our products is to work in harmony with the skin, that’s why we use delicate, natural ingredients in their purest form. The history of our company obliges us to exclusively use them, giving us a truly ethical backbone.
The wealth of high-quality raw materials, unique fragrance compositions and carefully refined consistency of preparations, build our quality in harmony with aesthetics and sensuality. We are not interested in mythical fairy tales about the ancient powers of herbs and essential oils. Stories about the miracle-producing effect of diets and cosmetics. We are for people who want better and healthier choices for themselves and their families. For intelligent women and men who, in the world of illusion, value authenticity and simplicity above all.


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DXN was founded by Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin, a graduate from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology. Dato’ Dr. Lim started the business in quest of the benefits of mushroom on human health. The core business activities of DXN include cultivation, manufacturing and marketing of the health food supplements.

Bowen & much more

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Seeweex was created from love to the sea and nature. What we had in mind was to find a balance between the benefits that new technology brings and taking care of health and wild environment. We belive that everything that is good for a human you can find in nature. That is why all ingredients in our products are bio and natural and the technique made it possible to mix them all together and put them into boxes to give your skin all the best from nature.

As we spent a part of our life living on the coast of Ireland we were sure that this beautiful green island has a huge amount of treasures in it’s wild nature, known for centuries but a little bit forgotten for a while. And that is how Seeweex was born.

Join us in Plymouth to find out more about our unique products.