Calling all Passionate Professionals

Wellness & Beauty Expo was created last year by BALNEO Community Interest Company to raise awareness locally on prevention of the chronic health conditions and educate communities about well-being together with latest news about beauty industry.

Last year we launched our first edition of the Wellness & Beauty Expo with a successful exhibitors list and visitors who benefit from that day.  Find out more about our 2018 edition here. 

At the very early stage this year, we were searching for passionate medical professionals who can share knowledge and educate expo visitors about benefits of practising health habits. We know that when we prioritise our daily habits our lifestyle quality is changing dramatically and it is main aim of this project to Empower societies about health lifestyle habits and taking action now as daily habits are changing our quality of life!

In 2019 we are excited to expand and launch new editions in Plymouth and Devon. If you wish to hear more about future edition of our Expo please get in touch now.

If you you are a medical professional yourself or you know a medical professional, we are inviting you to be the change at your local community and take part in this unique event.

Join us on in 2019!

Be the change in 2019!

Welcome to the Wellness & Beauty Expo the only one event to Encourage, Empower local societies with the knowledge about health habits.

We inviting all professionals to share their knowledge be the change for the demanding local communities. During Wellness & Beauty Expo you can meet professionals and find out different benefits of certain habits which impact our life daily!

2019 it will be amazing year for us and we will impact communities with a knowledge and direct contact with medical professionals who are passionate and are ready to make a change in your life!

Our Super Early Bird price packages are open to creative brand owners and health professionals who are passionate about changing peoples habits and help them to feel beautiful! Our new location and dates for 2019 are: Plymouth – 28th April, Bristol – 8th September, Bournemouth – 6th October. You can take advantage of our pre-sales from now on!

If you are ready to be the change for local communities, get in touch with us now and make the most of our Super Early prices!

Wellness & Beauty Expo Magazine

Each of our editions will have amazing Expo Magazine which is given out on the day in print copies. Visitors can read about Exhibitors and find out all their details. Timetable for Speakers and many more from our supporter and partners. All supporters of the Expo can have publication in our Expo Magazine for free of charge and we will continue publications in 2019.

After Expo we will publish digital version of the same Expo Magazine, for you to share and invite your friends and family to read about passionate professionals and opportunity to get in touch with them after the Expo. Our digital version of all of our publication is published via 

We are excited as digital edition of the Expo Magazine from our first Expo edition in Bournemouth is live now, please enjoy and share with your audience!

Successful 1st edition!

We would like to Thank everyone who supported us since very beginning of this fantastic journey and Expo would not happened without all of you and your trust in this very exciting project.

Special thank you to our Sponsor SCA Clinic from Parkstone, Poole and also to all our Speakers: Barbara Cox, Agnes Khan, Dr Tomasz Songin, Dr Zahedi and Dr Selimovicz, Dr Simon Payne, Alexandra Saxton, Melissa Boyle, Olly Leicester.

Wellness & Beauty Expo 2018 Partners:  The Dorset Children Foundation  ZIAJA Focus on Skin UK Ewelina Blachut   Creative Maja  Transilteria BCHPhotography  Salco au Naturel UK

Wellness & Beauty Expo started to be a draft with the main purpose to promote knowledge and encourage societies to take action on their health habits.  Unique project where passionate business owners from local areas can connect together. Everyone found a benefit of being at the Expo to meet new people, share their passion and knowledge,  exchange feedback and opinions about well-being and future of our health. It was a fantastic occasion to purchase health products together with dedicated advice for everyone who was participating.

On the day till the last moment of the Expo we watched two amazing stands and passionate people who still serve and mingle with their customers, it was Jo Miranda & Jemelia with brand ‘NuSkin’ and Kevin and his team with ‘Bio Tech Health’ well done for your passion, patience and determination to connect with all the visitors on that day till the last moment just before 5pm.

Through all the year we enjoyed  collaboration with each of you and we w look forward to meet you on  2019 edition.

Photo cover on 28th October 2018 during Wellness & Beauty Expo: Silesia Photography   and  Photo Souvenir Bournemouth

Golden Sponsor

Golden Sponsor announced!

We are extremely thrilled to introduce our Golden Sponsor of Wellness & Beauty Expo 2018: SCA Clinic
South Coast Aesthetic Clinic is located at
302 Ashley Rd, Poole, BH14 9DF, offering not only the finest beauty products and anti-ageing treatments, but also providing the highest level of quality in customer service.

SCA Clinic will give you the most personalised experience, ensuring satisfaction, efficiency and the achievement of best possible results through consultations, research and expertise.

You can visit SCA Clinic with a peace of mind, knowing that it will satisfy and exceed your expectations.

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How idea of the Expo become a live!

logo BALNEO facebook wellnes and beauty expo 2018

How was the idea for Expo born?

Creating ‘BALNEO Community Interests Company’  an organisation  respond to demand of needs and the reality according to the World Health Organization (WHO), chronic disease
prevalence is expected to rise by 57% by the year 2020. BALNEO is focused on raising awareness, promotion of knowledge about prevention of chronic health diseases, actively encourage about well-being lifestyle habits with connection to local businesses founders who wants to make ‘change’ in people’s lives. After a research, we made a new step forward to encourage local societies to well-being with bigger volume.

It will be more than an exhibition!

Expo will provide unique opportunities to local societies to connect with passionate business owners who will inspire us to change our life by gaining a value knowledge access about our health habits. Medical professionals who can educate and empower us to take action on prevention of chronic diseases now. Our first goal was to encourage and inspire medical professionals and owners of local medical clinics like health clinics, dental, aesthetics, chiropractic and invite them to actively present heir knowledge to local societies and collaborate to raise awareness to make change!  Visitors will be able to feel beautiful inside and outside as during the Expo professionals from beauty industry will gives you the power of the latest information on cosmetic treatments for the upcoming winter season.

Women are often decision makers at the most of households and they look after a whole family, very often specific knowledge helps take lifestyle changing step forward to make a big impact on a whole family life. Expo will promote information that daily habits can change everything and people need to understand it. Certain daily habits can make you ill very quickly. Our mission is to Empower people to make change on health lifestyle habits now for better and longer life.

It is happening!

We are excited to announce that we submitted the venue with Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) for the first edition of Wellness & Beauty Expo 2018. We are also very happy as already received very positive response about Wellness & Beauty Expo project already in the first few weeks, which gives us more courage to action to make it happen!

Our visitors statistics shows strong percentage (%) of Women. Wellness & Beauty Expo first edition will be promoted with a hashtag #DorsetWomen  Join us on our social media channels:

Facebook WellnessBeautyExpoUK

Twitter @BalneoUK

Instagram @Balneo_uk 

Thank you for reading our blog.


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