Wellness Beauty Expo 2019

Calling all Passionate Professionals

Wellness & Beauty Expo was created last year by BALNEO Community Interest Company to raise awareness locally on prevention of the chronic health conditions and educate communities about well-being together with latest news about beauty industry.

Last year we launched our first edition of the Wellness & Beauty Expo with a successful exhibitors list and visitors who benefit from that day.  Find out more about our 2018 edition here. 

At the very early stage this year, we were searching for passionate medical professionals who can share knowledge and educate expo visitors about benefits of practising health habits. We know that when we prioritise our daily habits our lifestyle quality is changing dramatically and it is main aim of this project to Empower societies about health lifestyle habits and taking action now as daily habits are changing our quality of life!

In 2019 we are excited to expand and launch new editions in Plymouth and Devon. If you wish to hear more about future edition of our Expo please get in touch now.

If you you are a medical professional yourself or you know a medical professional, we are inviting you to be the change at your local community and take part in this unique event.

Join us on in 2019!

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